First class degreee of Master of Laws

At the 28th of August 2006 I received my first-class degree of Master of Laws.

Earlier that day, I had to defend my thesis (at Scribd) to prof. mr. J.M.A. Berkvens and dr. mr. C.A.F.M. Grütters. They rated the thesis with a 9 (out of 10). I'd written this thesis with the support of prof. Berkvens between the 13th of February and the 9th of August 2006.

Below you can see the list of courses I've done for my master. You can find the (official) Dutch name of the course between brackets.

Course Examination date Result Amount of credits
Industrial property law
(Industri´┐Żle eigendom)
16th of June 2005 8.5 14
Copyright law
15th of December 2005 8 14
Computer law
23rd of January 2006 8 7
Concern law
24th of January 2006 8 14
Specialized corporate law
(Ondernemingsrecht verdiept)
17th of January 2006 7 14
Bankruptcy law
19th of June 2006 7 14
Constitutional law of the USA
(Amerikaans staatsrecht)
23th of June 2006 8 7
Master thesis in computer law
(Scriptie informaticarecht)

Download: (my server) (at Scribd)

28th of August 2006 9 18
Total: 102 EC
(60 required)
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